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Louth Stained Glass makes and design stained glass mirrors. Here at Louth Stained Glass we are happy to offer you a complete consultation, design and installation service. We will interpret your ideas and dreams creating you a unique piece of artwork. Here is a selection of our mirror artwork:

Mirrors - 01

Ref: Mirrors - 01
Blackened slate mirror
Width 41cm x Height 87cm

Mirrors - 02

Ref: Mirrors - 02
Red dragon mirror with ultra-violet active glass
Width 36cm x Height 39cm

Mirrors - 03

Ref: Mirrors - 03
Zebra mirrorescription of photo
Width 36cm x Height 58cm

Mirrors - 04

Ref: Mirrors - 04
Sunset Beach mirror
Width 60cm x Height 90cm

Louth Stained Glass make stained glass windows, leaded lights, Tiffany lamps, lampshades, mirrors, table lamps, pendant lights, up-lighters, chandeliers, door panels for homes, hotels, churches, listed buildings. We offer a stained glass restoration repair conservation service.

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