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Copper Water Features

Add a touch of individuality to your home and garden with a stunning copper water feature or sculpture. At Louth Stained Glass we produce one of the U.K.'s largest range of copper water features in an organic form so that overtime the natural beauty of copper will gradually turn verdigris (natural patina). All our fountains are hand-cast and hammered to the desired shape, making each water feature unique. Copper water features are robust, beautiful and the sound of running water making a soothing and graceful feature to your home or garden. All our water features come complete with a pump. Please note some orders may take between 7 to 10 working days to fulfil (especially at busy times of the year). Height 100cm Width 70cm approximately.

Water Features - 01

Ref: Water Features - 01
Arum Spiral Cascade
Price: £350

Water Features - 02

Ref: Water Features - 02
Ivy Spiral Cascade
Price: £350

Water Features - 03

Ref: Water Features - 03
Cup Spiral Cascade
Price: £350

Water Features - 04

Ref: Water Features - 04
Slipper Cascade
Price: £350

Water Features - 05

Ref: Water Features - 05
Arum Zig-Zag
Price: £150

Water Features - 06

Ref: Water Features - 06
Cup Zig-Zag
Price: £150

Water Features - 07

Ref: Water Features - 07
Ivy Zig-Zag
Price: £150

Water Features - 08

Ref: Water Features - 08
Slipper Zig-Zag
Price: £150

Water Features - 09

Ref: Water Features - 09
Deco Cascade
Price: £150

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